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YB3 series explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor
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I. Overview

YB3 series explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motors are fully enclosed, self-fan-cooled, squirrel-cage, flame-proof three-phase asynchronous motors developed by our company based on the unified design of the reference industry.

YB3 explosion-proof motor is a new product developed on the basis of YB and YB2 series motors in combination with current domestic and foreign electromagnetic structure, technology, materials and other new technologies.It has high efficiency and energy saving, large temperature rise margin, long life, performance Good, low noise, advanced flameproof structure, high reliability, easy to use and maintain.

Product use conditions

Frame size: 80 ~ 355

Power: 0.55 ~ 315KW

Protection level: IP55

Energy efficiency level: IE2 (GB18613-2012 level 3)

Applicable to: Underground coal mines (non-excavation working faces) (Exd I) and factories (Exd II AT4, Exd II BT4) containing methane and other gases or coal dust, containing flammable gases of Group A, B class T1 ~ T4 A place where explosive mixtures of steam and air are formed.

Ambient temperature: The ambient temperature is -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ (factory)

Features: Explosion-proof marks are Exd I, Exd II AT4, Exd II BT4. The junction box shell is made of three or six outlet terminals respectively, which is suitable for two structures of rubber sheathed cable (or plastic cable) and steel pipe wiring.

Rated voltage: 380V, 660V

Installation dimensions and overall dimensions

Product technical data

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