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YE3 high efficiency and energy saving motor
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product information:

High efficiency, energy saving, and low carbon are the focus of global attention today. Various countries, especially the developed regions in Europe and the United States, have clear requirements for motor efficiency. And Energy Efficiency Ratings. In order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, the efficiency of the YE3 series motors produced by our company fully complies with GB18613-2012, level 2 energy efficiency or IEC60034-30, level 3 energy efficiency regulations, and the technical level reaches the domestic leading level. And obtained the "China Energy Conservation Product Certification" and "China Compulsory Product Certification (CCC) Certificate" issued by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and the "CE Certification" certificate issued by the European Union safety certification agency.

product advantages:

YE3 high-efficiency energy-saving motor has the advantages of beautiful appearance, high efficiency and energy saving, F-level insulation, low vibration, low noise, high protection level, high safety and reliability, and strong durability.

Conditions of Use:

[Power conditions] Within ± 5% of the voltage fluctuation (± 10% for short-term fluctuations); Within ± 2% of the frequency fluctuation (± 5% for short-term fluctuations). The motor and frequency fluctuate within ± 5% at the same time, and the frequency fluctuation does not exceed ± 2%.

[Place of use] Do not use in environments containing flammable gases, chemically corrosive gases, or other harmful gases (except motors for special environments).

[Ambient temperature] The ambient temperature varies with the season, but the highest does not exceed + 40 ℃ and the lowest is not lower than -15 ℃ (except for special ambient temperature motors)

[Altitude] does not exceed 1000m (except for high altitude motors)

[Transmission method] Allow transmission by elastic coupling, spur gear and pulley

[Rotation direction] clockwise (default), counterclockwise (order description required)

[Starting method] Direct start, Y / △ start, step-down start, frequency conversion start, etc.


1. Suitable for general places and machinery without special requirements, such as metal cutting machine tools, pumps, fans, transportation machinery, mixers, agricultural machinery, food machinery, etc.

2. The efficiency of this series of motors has reached the level 2 energy efficiency standard of GB18613-2012 "Limited Values and Energy Efficiency Ratings for Small and Medium-sized Motors". Compared with the corresponding specifications of the YX3 series, the efficiency is increased by 2% -3% on average; compared with the corresponding specifications of the ordinary Y2 series, the efficiency is increased by about 10% on average; and it has relatively flat efficiency characteristics within the range of 50 ~ 100% load.

3. The installation size and power level fully comply with the IEC standard and DIN42673 standard, and the cooling method is IC411.

4. The protection grade is IP55, the cast iron shell is dustproof and splashproof, the structure is optimized, and it conforms to international standards, ensuring safe operation.

5, using F-level insulation, high heat resistance, strong impact resistance, long insulation life, can also be competent in harsh environments.

6, the use of well-known brand bearings, silicon steel sheet and enameled round copper wire, performance is guaranteed.

7, standardized design, high-quality raw materials, advanced processing equipment and perfect quality assurance system, significant energy saving effects, small vibration, low noise, stable performance, safety and reliability.

Qualification certificate:

YE3 high-efficiency energy-saving motors have obtained China Energy-saving Product Certification, China Compulsory Certification Product Certification (CCC Certification), EU CE Safety Certification, and the products have been selected into the fifth and sixth batches of the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission, Business Directory. " At the same time, the product has obtained the first batch of "low-carbon product certification certificates" in China, and was selected into the "Recommended Catalog of Energy-Saving Mechanical and Electrical Equipment (Products) (Fifth Batch)" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology at the end of 2014.

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