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Explanation of common terms in explosion-proof motor industry
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1. Explosive environment: An environment where an explosion may occur.

2. Explosive gas environment: Under atmospheric conditions, a mixture of gas, vapor or mist-like combustible material and air. When ignited in this mixture, combustion will spread throughout the environment of the unburned mixture.

3. Maximum surface temperature: When the electrical equipment is operated under the most permissive adverse conditions, the highest temperature that the surface or any part of the electrical equipment may reach and may ignite the surrounding explosive gas environment.

4. Ignition temperature: the lowest temperature of the hot surface that can ignite an explosive gas and air mixture.

5, IP protection level: The first digit indicates the range of equipment against dust, or the extent to which people are protected from harm in a sealed environment. Represents the level to prevent solid foreign objects from entering, the highest level is 6; the second digit indicates the degree of water resistance of the device. Represents a level to prevent water ingress. The highest level is 8.

6, temperature group: the ignition temperature of the combustible gas maximum electrical equipment temperature.

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