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Applicable occasions and principles of explosion-proof motors
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1. In some places with explosion danger, when gas or dust meets the ignition source or high temperature, it will burn or explode. While the motor is running, an arc or electric spark may occur. These are strong ignition sources. When it encounters explosive dust or gas, it may explode.

2. Explosion-proof principle of flameproof motor: Put the live parts of the motor in a special housing, which has the function of separating sparks and arcs generated by electrical components inside the shell from explosive mixtures outside the shell, and can withstand entry The explosive mixture inside the shell is detonated by the sparks and electric arcs of the electrical equipment inside the shell, and the shell is not damaged; at the same time, it is possible to prevent the explosion products inside the shell from transmitting to the explosive mixture outside the shell without causing explosiveness The mixture burned and exploded. This special enclosure is called a "flameproof enclosure." A motor with a flameproof enclosure is called a "flameproof motor". Flameproof motor

The mark is "d". In order to achieve the explosion-proof and explosion-proof performance of the flameproof enclosure, the shape, material, volume and structure of the flameproof enclosure have special requirements.

3. Electrical equipment for explosive gas environments can be divided into two categories: Category I: Electrical equipment for coal mines; Category II: Electrical equipment for explosive gas environments other than coal mines. Class II electrical equipment can be divided into IIA, IIB, and IIC according to the characteristics of explosive gases. The equipment marked IIB may be suitable for the use conditions of IIA equipment, and the equipment marked IIC may be suitable for the use conditions of IIA and IIB equipment.

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