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Development Trend of Foreign Explosion-proof Motors
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The development of foreign explosion-proof motor technology has promoted the development of explosion-proof motor products. For example, in recent years, more explosion-proof motors have been developed, including high and low voltage flameproof and increased safety motors, non-sparking and positive pressure motors, variable-speed explosion-proof motors, air-cooled or water-cooled explosion-proof motors, and some high-tech explosion-proof motors have also been developed Motor products, for example, variable frequency speed-regulated explosion-proof motors, high-speed (above 8000r / min) and high-slip explosion-proof motors and special explosion-proof motors or other special explosion-proof motors used in areas 0 and so on.

Small and medium-sized explosion-proof motors will develop towards multiple purposes, varieties, and adaptability; high-efficiency energy-saving explosion-proof motors and mechatronic motors will develop rapidly; high explosion-proof quality, high reliability, long life, low noise, light weight, and practical appearance A beautiful explosion-proof motor will have a huge market.

Low-voltage explosion-proof motors are the main products in the foreign explosion-proof motor market.The companies that can currently represent the world's advanced level of explosion-proof motors are Germany's Siemens, Schorch, F & G and Switzerland's ABB.The advanced level of their products is mainly reflected in the overall reliability of the motor. High performance indicators, high energy saving indicators, good safety performance, high motor efficiency, low noise, mechatronics, etc.

In terms of high-voltage motors, in order to meet domestic and foreign markets' needs for energy saving and environmental protection, Siemens has newly developed H2compɑct products on the basis of the existing experience of high-voltage motors with a rated power of 3000kW. H2compɑct motor adopts internal rib cooling technology, which makes the protection grade IP54 up to 3000kW and the protection grade IP23 up to 2500kW. The rotor is a die-cast aluminum cage with high reliability and low stray loss; it uses a reliable bearing design, bearings and couplings. The shaft is not subject to the steering thrust generated by the rotor. Based on the innovative technology of H2compɑct motor, a new standard for high-voltage motors has been formulated. H2compɑct products include "n" type explosion-proof products and "Exe" explosion-proof products suitable for zone 2.

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