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The difference between explosion-proof motors and ordinary motors
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Compared with ordinary motors, explosion-proof motors are characterized by:

(1) To meet the requirements of increased-safety explosion-proof motors, a series of reliable measures to prevent sparks, arcs, and dangerous high temperatures can be used to operate safely in Zone 2 explosion-hazardous places.

(2) Brushless excitation is adopted, and a rotating rectifier and a static excitation cabinet are provided. The excitation control system is reliable; the forward and reverse gradients are accurate for excitation, without impact; the excitation system is reliable for out-of-step protection, and has strong ability to re-step; the circuit design is reasonable The discharge resistor does not generate heat during operation; the range of excitation current is wide.

(3) Synchronous machine, AC exciter and rotary rectifier are coaxial. The rectifier is located between the main motor and the exciter, or outside the bearing housing.

(4) The enclosure protection grade is IP54.

(5) F-class insulation is adopted, and the temperature rise is assessed according to B-class.

(6) Change the traditional lower water cooling to upper water cooling, that is, the water cooler is placed on the upper part of the motor.

(7) Increased safety type moisture-proof heater is fixed in the cover at the bottom of the motor for heating and moisture-proof during shutdown.

(8) Select high-quality raw materials, leaving a large margin in electrical and mechanical calculations, which can meet the operating reliability and temperature requirements of increased safety motors.

(9) Equipped with perfect monitoring measures; increased safety self-balance current transformers for differential protection are installed in the main junction box; platinum windings with embedded stator windings and spares are used, and the division number is Pt100; water leakage monitoring is set Instrument to monitor the leak of the water cooler; on both ends of the sliding bearing are set on-site temperature display instrument and remote transmission signal terminal.

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