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Relevant inspection contents before explosion-proof motor windings are dipped in paint
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1. Insulation performance check: Select the insulation resistance meter according to the rated voltage level of the explosion-proof motor . Measure the phase-to-phase and ground-to-earth insulation resistance of explosion-proof motors. The measured resistance values should be above 5 megohms for low-voltage explosion-proof motors, otherwise the cause should be checked and effectively treated.

2. Determine the DC resistance of the winding: use a multimeter or a direct resistance tester to measure. When a total of 6 wires are drawn from the head and tail of the three-phase winding, the DC resistance of each item can be measured separately; if it has been connected into a star or a triangle, and only 3 outlets are drawn, the resistance of 3 line segments should be measured. When phase resistance is required, conversion is required.

Simple conversion of line resistance and phase resistance: When the imbalance of the three measured line resistances is not more than two percent, the resistance Rn can be converted to Rx by the following method.

(1) First find the average Rn of the measured values of the three line resistances. Rn = (Ruv + Rwu + Rvw) / 3

(2). Select the corresponding formula for conversion according to the different connections of the windings: Rx = 0.5Rn when the three-phase winding is star-connected, and Rx = 1.5Rn when the three-phase winding is triangular-connected.

(3). Judgment of measurement results: Generally, we judge the DC resistance of the measured three-phase winding by looking at the three-phase imbalance. The three-phase imbalance is represented by RS, it should be within 3%, Rs = {(Rm or Ry-Rn) / Rn} * 100%, Rm or Ry ———— the maximum or minimum value of the measured three-phase , Rn ———— The average value of the measured three-phase values.

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