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Main precautions when immersing the explosion-proof motor windings
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First, the purpose of dipping paint on explosion-proof motor windings

Winding is the most fragile component in explosion-proof motors. In order to improve the moisture resistance and corrosion resistance and insulation strength of the winding, and to improve mechanical strength, thermal conductivity and heat dissipation effect, and delay aging, the rewinded winding must be dipped.

Second, the preparation of the explosion-proof motor windings before dipping

Before the explosion-proof motor windings are formally dipped, the windings should be preheated in order to drive away the moisture or moisture in the winding gaps and increase the penetration of the insulating paint to achieve the best dipping effect. The pre-baking temperature is determined according to the insulation level. The E-level insulation should be controlled at 120 to 125 degrees Celsius; the B-level insulation should be 125 to 130. Keep the temperature at this temperature for 4-6 hours, and then cool the pre-baking winding to 60 Dipping at -80 กใ C.

Third, the winding immersion paint of explosion-proof motor

Paint temperature

If the temperature is too high, the solvent in the lacquer will volatilize quickly, which will cause the paint film to form on the winding surface prematurely, which will not easily penetrate into the inside of the winding. If the effect is not achieved, the material will be wasted. Practice has proved that dipping paint works best when the temperature is 60-80 degrees Celsius.

2. Dip time of the explosion-proof motor winding

The principle of selecting the immersion paint time of the explosion-proof motor winding is the first immersion paint. I hope that the immersion paint can penetrate into the winding as much as possible, so the immersion paint time should be longer, about 15-20 minutes; the second immersion paint, as long as it forms better Paint film, so dip paint time should be shorter, so as not to damage the paint film too long, so about 10 to 15 minutes is best.

3. Method for dipping paint on explosion-proof motor windings

The main methods of dipping paint are: pouring, immersion, vacuum pressure dipping. For a single repaired explosion-proof motor, immersion, immersion and vacuum pressure immersion are usually used to manufacture explosion-proof motors. Immersion is used when mass production of explosion-proof motors, while high-pressure explosion-proof motors use vacuum pressure immersion.

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