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Common immersion process method for explosion-proof motor windings
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For a single unit or maintenance of explosion-proof motors , the windings of explosion-proof motors are mostly immersed to immerse the paint. Jiangsu Gaoke will introduce the immersion process of explosion-proof motors.

1. Pre-bake an explosion-proof motor. When the temperature cools to 60-80 degrees Celsius, mount it vertically on a paint pan.

2. Pour solvent-free paint into an empty paint pot to make it easier to grasp the amount of paint.

3. Hold the paint pot with insulation paint in hand. Tilt the mouth of the pot to make the insulation paint flow out of the mouth. The insulation paint is poured from the upper end of the explosion-proof motor winding, so that the paint penetrates the coil and flows back to Paint tray.

4. When the paint dripping is stopped for about 20-30 minutes, turn the stator of the explosion-proof motor over, and then pour the insulation paint on the upper end of the winding until it penetrates.

5. After stopping the paint dripping for about 30 minutes, use a cloth dipped in kerosene to remove the remaining paint on the inner hall of the stator and the machine base, and then dry it.

6. If you need to immerse the explosion-proof motor winding twice, dry it out and cool it to 60-80 degrees Celsius, and then perform the second immersion. The operation method is the same as the first immersion.

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