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Analysis of oil leakage treatment method of anti-explosion motor sliding bearing
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In many high-voltage explosion-proof motors, the use of sliding bearings is increasing, mainly in very important production departments and product processing areas. This is also because the use of sliding bearings can improve the efficiency and safety of high-voltage explosion-proof motors. But often when installing, using and supporting, it will cause some problems of sloppy and craftsmanship, which will cause the problem of oil leakage and oil leakage of the bearing. This kind of problem will reduce the use efficiency and safety hazard of high-voltage explosion-proof motor. If you want to improve this situation, you must start with the internal design of high-voltage explosion-proof motors and the production and processing of bearings. From this, you can better protect and better reflect the performance and safety of high-voltage explosion-proof motors.

First, the basic structure of high-voltage explosion-proof motor sliding bearings

The sliding bearing is composed of a bearing bush and a bearing bracket, and also improves the stability of the bearing. There are also some auxiliary parts such as seal rings, oil rings, and bearing bushes. In a good high-voltage explosion-proof motor, there are components for measuring the temperature of the bearing. . If lubricating oil is applied to the sliding bearings, friction can be greatly reduced, which is helpful for the safe operation of high-voltage explosion-proof motors. If the high-voltage explosion-proof motor is under continuous working or overload operation, it should be applied with lubricant in time so that it can be better used.

Failure and protection of oil leakage from sliding bearings of high-voltage explosion-proof motors

1. Quality problems in the manufacture of sliding bearings: The parts that are prone to oil leakage in high-voltage explosion-proof motors mainly occur at the positions of the bearing interface, the outlet, and the seal. These positions are the main parameters in which the components are not considered during the manufacturing process. Moreover, there is no reinforced seal in the place where the main oil port enters, some electronic components and other places that need to be sealed, resulting in the problem of oil leakage when the high-voltage explosion-proof motor is running. In this way, we must start with the processing of explosion-proof motors, strengthen the strength and size of sliding bearings, and do a variety of sealing measures to greatly reduce the occurrence of oil leakage in the structure.

2. The importance of the quality of the installation and commissioning of sliding bearings: In fact, the installation and commissioning is only to adjust the pressure of the oil supply. If it is during the installation and commissioning of the explosion-proof motor, the pressure of the oil inlet should be adjusted higher. The position is too high, and at the same time, oil will leak outward. At this time, the pressure of the oil port should be adjusted according to the instructions of the explosion-proof motor when leaving the factory to adjust to maintain a certain flow.

3. The internal design of the explosion-proof motor will affect the oil leakage of the sliding bearing: On the internal structure of the explosion-proof motor, near the sliding bearing, under normal operation, the explosion-proof motor will form a negative pressure inside the sliding bearing. This is the bearing. Oil mist will be caused inside, and oil droplets will form during long-term operation, and then will seep out. At this time, it is necessary to increase the sealing type of the sliding bearing, reduce the formation of oil mist inside, and add a layer of seal between the inner shell of the sliding bearing and the shaft.

Under the premise that the use of high-voltage explosion-proof motors is wide, it is necessary to start from the aspects of technology, design, processing, and accessories of high-voltage explosion-proof motors to strengthen the production quality of high-voltage explosion-proof motors. When using high-voltage explosion-proof motors, sliding bearings have an important impact, and play one of the important and key components in the application. Therefore, we must increase vigilance in the actual operation of high-voltage explosion-proof motors, and manufacturers of explosion-proof motors strengthen new technologies. R & D and application.

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