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The energy consumption level of explosion-proof motors is divided into several levels, and energy efficiency division standards
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Electric motors are power-driven equipment of various equipments. They are often used in many industries and fields such as chemical plants, coal mines, metallurgy, and public facilities. In order to respond to the national twelfth five-year plan and consider the economic benefits of the enterprise itself, to save electricity and reduce costs, it is very important to choose an efficient and energy-saving motor.

But when we buy motors, we don't know how their energy efficiency is divided. How to judge the energy efficiency level of the motor is difficult for us, but after our explanation below, we will understand how the energy efficiency of explosion-proof motors is divided.

The classification standards of motor energy efficiency standards are not the same according to national standards in different periods, and the standards are also different according to different countries. For our country alone, the division of motor energy efficiency levels also changes over time. In 2006, China issued the GB_18613-2006_ standard for the limit value and energy efficiency rating of motor energy efficiency.

But in 2012, with the development of China and the internationalization, our country could not issue the GB_18613-2012_ motor energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency level judgment standards.

Take the current energy-saving and explosion-proof motor YBX3, in GB_18613-2006_ motor energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency standard is first-level energy efficiency, but to GB_18613-2012_ motor energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency level standard is second-level energy efficiency. The YB3 series explosion-proof motor is a second-level energy-efficient motor in the GB_18613-2006_ motor energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating standard, but according to the 2012 motor energy classification standard, it belongs to a three-level energy-explosion-proof motor. Energy consuming motor. Of course, with the development of science and technology and the increase in the requirements for energy saving of explosion-proof motors, the energy efficiency standards may also change. Therefore, the energy efficiency levels of judgment methods at different periods will therefore be different.

Now we take the latest energy efficiency standards of our country, according to GB_18613-2012_ motor energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency level classification standard requirements, explosion-proof motor energy efficiency level is divided into three levels. Among them, the first-level energy efficiency is the most energy-saving, and the second-level energy-efficient explosion-proof motors are also energy-saving and explosion-proof motors. Of course, the third-level energy efficiency is not an energy-saving and explosion-proof motor. Of course, the explosion-proof motors at the second level and above are recommended by the state now, and some local governments will give certain policy subsidies. For enterprises, energy saving will also save a lot of money every year.

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