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What to pay attention to in daily maintenance of explosion-proof motors
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Explosion-proof motors are widely used in flammable and explosive hazardous locations. Such places include explosive gas environments, flammable dust environments, and fire-hazardous environments. Explosion-proof motors are often in continuous working conditions, with poor working conditions and many unexpected factors. The probability of failure is relatively high, posing a huge threat to production safety and personnel safety. Therefore, strengthening the maintenance and management of explosion-proof motors is of great significance for preventing or reducing the failure of explosion-proof motors and ensuring safe production.

1. Strengthen the routine maintenance of explosion-proof motors

The daily maintenance of the motor is mainly to create a good environment for the healthy work of the motor, to avoid rust marks and rust spots on the flameproof surface of the motor, to ensure that the contact surface is tightly contacted, to prevent harmful media from entering in the virtual space, and to corrode parts and winding insulation . Therefore, the following tasks need to be done well: The first is to keep the working environment of the motor clean and dry. The second is moisture and water resistance. For explosion-proof motors operating in humid environments, avoiding the accumulation of water inside the motor, and maintaining the stability of the motor coils and insulation are the prerequisites for ensuring the safe operation of the motor. The moisture-proof and waterproof effect of explosion-proof motors mainly depends on the protective work done by the motor shell, which can prevent the water on the surface of the motor from entering the machine. The third is to keep the motor surface clean and ensure that the air inlet should not be blocked by dust. The fourth is to ensure that the motor is well lubricated during operation. Once the bearing is found to be overheated or the lubrication is deteriorated, the lubricant should be changed in time.

2. Establish a sound maintenance system

Establish technical files of explosion-proof motors, record the historical and current operating conditions of each motor in order to provide data for dynamic monitoring of the motor. During the daily operation of the motor, it is necessary to formulate and abide by the daily inspection and inspection system, timely find problems, deal with them in time, and eliminate major safety risks in a timely manner. Formulate annual, quarterly, and monthly maintenance plans for motors, implement pre-inspection and pre-repair of motors, and eliminate faults in the bud state. 3. Formulate and abide by scientific and technical specifications. Explosion-proof motors work in dangerous environments and belong to special production equipment. Their daily maintenance and repair must have scientific technical specifications, and illegal operations are strictly prohibited. For this reason, it is forbidden to dismantle the motor randomly during routine maintenance; it is not allowed to damage the explosion-proof surface during disassembly and repair. Technical specifications should be strictly adhered to during maintenance. For example, special tools should be used during disassembly to ensure that the explosion-proof side is placed upside up and covered with protective pads. Be sure to use special tools during installation and tighten the connection screws to reduce the fit clearance and maintain good Explosion-proof performance. It is forbidden to arbitrarily change the specifications and models of the wiring cable, as well as the wiring cable and the sealing ring of the wiring port.

4.Select the right explosion-proof motor

In addition to the above points, correctly selecting the appropriate explosion-proof motor is the prerequisite for all explosion-proof motors. Buying brand-name explosion-proof motors from regular channels will provide more protection, product quality is guaranteed, and pre-sales and after-sales service support is more in place.

In short, explosion-proof motors are special-purpose production equipment that operates in harsh environments. The working conditions are complex, there are many uncertain factors, and the safety risks are relatively large. It is almost inevitable to prevent accidents caused by motor accidents. Because of this, it is necessary to improve safety, carefully study the failure mechanism of explosion-proof motors, establish a scientific and perfect maintenance and maintenance system, and do a good job of standardization and standardization to prevent problems before they occur.

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